Garcinia Cambogia Capsules

Indications : Obesity , Reducing body weight & fat

Dose: Take 1 tablet twice a day along with milk or as per physician directions.

Presentation : 1 X 60 capsules

Salient Features

  • Medicament for obesity
  • No hazardous chemicals involvement
  • Natural fat burner & reducing body weight
  • It inhibits activity of enzymes and genes that promote storage of fats
  • No surgery required & anticholesteremic & antilipidemic
  • It prevents development of adipocytes or fat cells

Active Ingredients

Cyperus Scariosus
Salacia Reticulata
Coffea Arabica
Camellia Sinensis
Garcinia Cambogia
Terminalia Chebula
Terminalia Belerica
Emblica Officinalis
Myrobalan Chebulia

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